Version: 2017.1
Unity Analytics
Setting Up Analytics

Unity Analytics Overview

Unity Analytics provides the data you need to manage your relationship with your players.

The Unity Analytics Dashboard
The Unity Analytics Dashboard

Understand your players; understand why they play your games; understand why they stop playing your games. Make decisions based on data, not guesses.

By simply enabling Unity Analytics in your project, you can get data about how many people first start playing your game, how many play every day, how many play in a given month, and other session-based usage data. If you also use the Unity Ads and IAP Services, your analytics data automatically includes the revenue from these sources. This sort of session data paints a valuable picture of the health of your game. It answers question such as: “Am I getting new players?” “How often and how long do they play?” “Do they play again the next day? The next week? The next month?” “How much revenue am I making per player on a given day?”

By dispatching Standard Analytics Events when players perform key actions in your game, you can extend the analytics data available so that it reveals what your players are actually doing when they play. Do they make it through your onboarding tutorial? Do they visit your IAP store? Do they progress through your game levels as you expect?

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