Version: 2020.3
2D 胶囊碰撞体 (Capsule Collider 2D)
2D 物理材质

2D 复合碰撞体 (Composite Collider 2D)

The Composite Collider 2D component is a Collider that interacts with the 2D physics system. Unlike most colliders, it does not define an inherent shape. Instead, it merges the shapes of any Box Collider 2D or Polygon Collider 2D that you set it up to use. The Composite Collider 2D uses the vertices (geometry) from any of these Colliders, and merges them together into new geometry controlled by the Composite Collider 2D itself.

Both the Box Collider 2D and Polygon Collider 2D components have a Used By Composite checkbox. Select this checkbox to attach them to the Composite Collider 2D. These Colliders must also be attached to the same Rigidbody 2D as the Composite Collider 2D. When you enable Used by Composite, other properties disappear from that component, as they are now controlled by the attached Composite Collider 2D.

Refer to the CompositeCollider2D API documentation for more information about scripting with the Composite Collider 2D.

属性 功能
Density Change the density to change the mass calculations of the GameObject’s associated Rigidbody 2D. If you set the value to 0, its associated Rigidbody 2D ignores the Collider 2D for all mass calculations, including centre of mass calculations. Note that this option is only available if you have enabled Use Auto Mass in the associated Rigidbody 2D component.
Material 一种 2D 物理材质,可用于确定碰撞的属性(例如摩擦和弹性)。
Is Trigger 如果希望 2D 复合碰撞体作为触发器运行,请选中此框(请参阅关于碰撞体的概述文档以了解有关触发器的更多信息)。
Used by Effector 如果希望 2D 复合碰撞体由附加的 2D 效应器组件使用,请选中此框。
Offset 设置 2D 碰撞体几何形状的局部偏移。
Geometry Type When merging Colliders, the vertices from the selected Colliders are composed into one of two different geometry types. Use this drop-down to set the geometry type to either Outlines or Polygons.
    Outlines 生成具有空心轮廓的 2D 碰撞体,与 2D 边界碰撞体 (Edge Collider 2D) 生成的结果一样。
    Polygons 生成具有实心多边形的 2D 碰撞体,与 2D 多边形碰撞体 (Polygon Collider 2D) 生成的结果一样。
Generation Type 该方法用于控制在更改 2D 复合碰撞体时或者更改其任何成员碰撞体时何时生成几何体。
    Synchronous 对 2D 复合碰撞体或其使用的任何碰撞体进行更改时,Unity 立即生成新几何体。
    Manual New geometry generation happens only when you request it. To request generation, either call the CompositeCollider2D.GenerateGeometry script API, or click the Regenerate Geometry button that appears under the selection.
Vertex Distance 设置从复合碰撞体收集的任何顶点允许的最小间距值。比此限值更近的任何顶点都将被删除。此设置可用于控制顶点合成的有效分辨率。
Edge Radius Controls a radius around edges, so that vertices are circular. This results in a larger Collider 2D with rounded convex corners. The default value for this setting is 0 (no radius). This only works when the Geometry Type is set to Outlines.
2D 胶囊碰撞体 (Capsule Collider 2D)
2D 物理材质
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