Version: 2020.2
Sharing your package
Installing Unity

Working in Unity

This section explains the Unity interface, menu items, using Assets, creating Scenes, and publishing builds:

  • Installing Unity

    Downloading, installing, and activating Unity, and how to manage your licenses.

  • Starting Unity

    Getting set up to start your first Project.

  • Unity’s interface

    An in-depth look at each of the main windows you’ll use every day in Unity, including useful shortcuts and hotkeys.

  • Создание геймплея

    How to get started making Scenes, GameObjects and Components; reading input; and adding gameplay or interactivity to your Project.

  • Asset Workflow

    How to get Assets into Unity from a variety of different sources, including graphics, art and sound from external programs, package files from other developers, and ready-made Assets from our Package Manager and the Asset Store.

  • Editor Features

    Information about many of the Editor’s powerful features, to help you customize your workflow, integrate with external tools, and extend the Editor itself.

  • Analysis

    Get performance information about your application with the Unity Profiler.

  • Upgrade Guides

    Important notes for upgrading projects that were authored with older versions of Unity.

Sharing your package
Installing Unity
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