Version: 2021.1
使用 Enlighten(已弃用)进行光照贴图

渐进 GPU 光照贴图 (Progressive GPU Lightmapper)(预览)


The Progressive GPU Lightmapper is a backend for the Progressive Lightmapper which uses your computer’s GPU and Dedicated Video Ram (VRAM) to generate baked lightmaps and Light Probes.


为了使用渐进 GPU 光照贴图,您的计算机必须满足以下最低规格:

  • 至少一个支持 OpenCL 1.2 的 GPU
  • At least 4GB of VRAM dedicated to that GPU
  • 一个支持 SSE4.1 指令的 CPU

If the Scene you are baking requires more VRAM than is available on the designated GPU, bake times can significantly increase. See Performance elsewhere on this page for information to help you reduce the time it takes to bake your Scene.


The specifications of the GPU you use to bake and the amount of VRAM dedicated to that GPU both influence your experience of the lightmapper’s performance.

其他争用 GPU 资源的应用程序也会对烘焙性能产生影响。根据您的硬件供应商,Unity 可用 VRAM 数量的减少可能会减慢烘焙速度,导致烘焙失败,甚至如果 GPU 无法满足最低内存要求,甚至会导致光照贴图回退到 CPU。在使用此功能时关闭其他应用程序可以提高稳定性和性能。


有多种方法可以减少烘焙时间并避免烘焙超过指定给 GPU 用于烘焙的 VRAM 的情况。

  • Close other GPU-accelerated applications. GPU-accelerated 2D image editing and 3D modelling software uses VRAM. Turn off accelerated graphics functionality or quit these applications.

  • Switch to a CPU-based denoiser. GPU-based denoisers also use VRAM capacity. Switch to a CPU-based option, like Intel Open Image, which uses system RAM instead.

  • Use Light Probes for smaller GameObjects. GameObjects such as debris or small props use up space in lightmaps but might not contribute significantly to the look of a scene. To optimize bake speed, disable Contribute Global Illumination for these GameObjects’ Mesh Renderers and light them with Light Probes instead.

  • Designate separate GPUs for rendering and baking. If your computer has more than one GPU, you can designate one for rendering and one for baking. See Configure GPU selection elsewhere on this page.

  • Use a lower number of Anti-aliasing samples. The default value for this setting in the Lightmap Parameters Asset is 8. When you increase it, Unity uses more VRAM. When you are using a lightmap size of 4096 or above, this can quickly exceed the memory of many consumer GPUs.

Configure GPU selection

If you have at least two GPUs, you can specify one GPU for rendering the Scene and another for baking lighting. This might be desirable in cases where there is insufficient VRAM available for the default GPU to both render your scene and bake it using the Progressive GPU Lightmapper.
To change which GPU Unity uses for baking:
1. Open the Lighting window (menu: Window > Rendering > Lighting).
2. Navigate to the Workflow Settings section.
3. Use the GPU Baking Device drop-down menu to select a GPU.

使用 Enlighten(已弃用)进行光照贴图
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