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NavMesh Obstacle の作成
Building OffMesh Links Automatically

Creating an OffMesh Link

OffMesh Links are used to create paths crossing outside the walkable navigation mesh surface. For example, jumping over a ditch or a fence, or opening a door before walking through it, can be all described as OffMesh links.

We’re going to add an OffMesh Link component to describe a jump from the upper platform to the ground.

  1. まず 2 つのシリンダー を作成します: Game Object > 3D Object > cylinder
  2. やりやすくするためにシリンダーの大きさを (0.1, 0.5, 0.1) にします。
  3. NavMesh の表面近くの 高台の端に 1 つ目のシリンダー を移動します。
  4. リンクが着地する場所として NavMesh 近くの地面に 2 つ目のシリンダー を配置します。
  5. Select the cylinder on the left and add an OffMesh Link component to it. Choose Add Component from the inspector and choose Navigation > Off Mesh Link.
  6. Start フィールドに左側(高台)のシリンダーを、End フィールドに右側(地面)のシリンダーを割り当てます。

Now you have functioning OffMesh Link set up! If the path via the OffMesh link is shorter than via walking along the Navmesh, the OffMesh link will be used.

You can use any game object in the scene to hold the OffMesh link component, for example a fence prefab could contain the OffMesh link component. Similarly you can use any game object with a Transform as the start and end marker.

The NavMesh bake process can detect and create common jump-across and drop-down links automatically. Take a look at the Building OffMesh Links Automatically for more details.


NavMesh Obstacle の作成
Building OffMesh Links Automatically
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