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Unity Services
Using the developer dashboard

Setting up your project for Unity services

To start using Unity services, you must first link your Unity project to a Project ID. You can create a new Project ID within the Unity Editor, or in the Unity developer dashboard.

To link your project from the Unity Editor:

  1. Open the Services window (Window > General > Services).
  2. Click General settings to open the Services section of the Project settingsA broad collection of settings which allow you to configure how Physics, Audio, Networking, Graphics, Input and many other areas of your project behave. More info
    See in Glossary
  3. Select your Organization from the dropdown. You must be signed in to Unity Hub in order to view a list of associated Organizations. For more information, see documentation on Organizations.
  4. Click Use an existing Unity project ID to link a project to an ID you previously created on the developer dashboard, or Create project ID to link your project to a new ID.
General services settings.
General services settings.

Note: Your project is now available to manage in the developer dashboard. For more information, see documentation on using the developer dashboard.

In the Editor, new settings will appear, allowing you to unlink the specified Project ID, and define a COPPA compliance setting.

Expanded services settings.
Expanded services settings.

Your project is now configured to integrate Unity services. See the following pages for more information on integrating specific services:

Unity Services
Using the developer dashboard
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