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Daydream Controllers

Unity natively supports the Daydream Controller, and uses the UnityEngine.Input to read the axis and button values from the controller. Tracking data for the Daydream Controller is exposed via the XRNode system.

Naming convention and detection

When properly configured and connected to the Android device, the Daydream Controller appears in the list that UnityEngine.Input.GetJoystickNames returns. It appears as the Daydream Controller - Right or Daydream Controller - Left, depending on the Daydream controller’s handedness setting (in the Daydream application settings).

Unity Input System Mappings

Hardware Feature Unity Button ID Unity Axis ID Unity Axis Value When Pressed
1 - TouchPad Vertical N/A Left - Axis 1
Right - Axis 4
–1 is up, 1 is down
1 - TouchPad Horizontal N/A Left - Axis 2
Right - Axis 5
–1 is left, 1 is right
1 - TouchPad Touch Left - Button 18
Right - Button 19
1 - TouchPad Click Left - Button 16
Right - Button 17
2 - App Button Left - Button 2
Right - Button 0
3 - Menu (Reserved) N/A N/A
5 - Volume (Reserved) N/A N/A

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Input for Oculus
XR API reference
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