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Upgrading to Unity 2018.1
Upgrading to Unity 2017.2
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Upgrading to Unity 2017.3

This page lists any changes in 2017.3 which might affect existing projects when you upgrade from earlier versions of Unity.

For example:

  • Changes in data format which may require re-baking.

  • Changes to the meaning or behavior of any existing functions, parameters or component values.

  • Deprecation of any function or feature. (Alternatives are suggested.)

LightmapA pre-rendered texture that contains the effects of light sources on static objects in the scene. Lightmaps are overlaid on top of scene geometry to create the effect of lighting. More info
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intensity & emissive Materials in EnlightenThe lighting system by Geomerics used in Unity for computing global illumination (GI). More info
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A bug introduced in 2017.2 increased the intensity of lightmaps generated for ScenesA Scene contains the environments and menus of your game. Think of each unique Scene file as a unique level. In each Scene, you place your environments, obstacles, and decorations, essentially designing and building your game in pieces. More info
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with static Meshes that have emissive Materials. This was the same for both baked and real-time emissive Materials. This has now been fixed in 2017.3 so the intensity is now similar to how it was in 2017.1.

This change affects any projects you have built in 2017.2 and then upgrade to 2017.3 or newer.

PassType.VertexLMRGBM has been deprecated

In Unity 2017.3, the shaderA small script that contains the mathematical calculations and algorithms for calculating the Color of each pixel rendered, based on the lighting input and the Material configuration. More info
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pass VertexLMRGB is ignored. For example: Tags { "LightMode" = "VertexLMRGBM" }

Instead, provide or update a VertexLM shader pass using the DecodeLightmap shader function that supports all types of lightmap encodings. Built-in mobile shaders also use DecodeLightmap shader function now.

Lighting output may change in your existing projects that use built-in mobile shaders such as Mobile or VertexLit on desktop platforms. This is because the maximum range of RGBM encoded values has changed from [0, 8] to [0, 5].