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타일맵 콜라이더 2D

The Tilemap Collider 2D component generates Collider shapes for Tiles on a Tilemap component on the same GameObject. When you add or remove Tiles on the Tilemap component, the Tilemap Collider 2D updates the Collider shapes during LateUpdate. It batches multiple Tile changes together to ensure minimal impact on performance.

Tilemap Collider 2D 프로퍼티

Tilemap Collider 2D 창
Tilemap Collider 2D 창
프로퍼티 기능
Max Tile Change Count The maximum number of Tile changes (such as adding/removing Tiles to the Tilemap) to accumulate before doing a full Collider rebuild instead of an incremental rebuild.

A high number of accumulated changes can cause the incremental rebuild of the Tilemap Collider 2D to be slower than a full rebuild. Decrease this value to resolve this issue.
Extrusion Factor Set the amount (in Unity world space units) to extrude the Collider shape of each Tile. This minimizes the gaps between the Collider shapes of neighboring Tiles and brings them to within the minimum Vertex Distance set in the Composite Collider 2D, which can then compose the Tile Colliders together.

This property is grayed out and disabled by default. It is only available when Used by Composite is enabled, and a Composite Collider 2D is attached to the same GameObject.
Material A Physics Material that determines properties of collisions, such as friction and bounce.
Is Trigger Tilemap Collider 2D가 트리거로 동작하도록 하려면 이 체크박스를 선택합니다.
Used by Effector Select this check box to make the Tilemap Collider 2D be used by an attached Effector 2D.
Used by Composite Select this check box to make this Collider be used by an attached Composite Collider 2D.

When Used by Composite is enabled, all properties except Offset are no longer available in the Tilemap Collider 2D component. Instead, the properties are controlled by the attached Composite Collider 2D component.
Offset Tilemap Collider 2D 지오메트리의 로컬 오프셋입니다.

Collider Type’s effect on Collider generation

The Collider shapes generated for each Tile in the Tilemap depend on the desired Collider type set in the Tile Asset’s properties. The component’s shape generation behavior corresponds to the Collider Types in the following ways:

콜라이더 타입 기능
없음 Tilemap Collider 2D 컴포넌트는 이 타일에 대한 콜라이더 모양을 생성하지 않습니다.
Sprite The Tilemap Collider 2D component generates a Collider shape based on the Sprite assigned to the Tile. The Collider shape is based on the Custom Physics Shape set for the Sprite.
Grid Tilemap Collider 2D 컴포넌트는 선택한 Grid 컴포넌트의 셀 레이아웃에 의해 결정되는 그리드 셀의 모양에 기반하여 콜라이더 모양을 생성합니다.

타일맵 및 합성 콜라이더

You can use the Tilemap Collider 2D component together with the Composite Collider 2D component. When you add both components to the same Tilemap, Unity composites the Collider shapes of neighboring Tiles together. This smoothens the corners and edges between Collider shapes in neighboring Tiles.

두 컴포넌트를 함께 사용하면 물리 업데이트에 필요한 개별 콜라이더 모양 수가 감소하므로 필요한 계산량이 줄어들고 성능에 미치는 영향이 최소화됩니다.

스크립팅 API 팁

If you require immediate changes to happen to the Collider, use Tilemaps.TilemapCollider2D.ProcessTilemapChanges to process them immediately. You can use Tilemaps.TilemapCollider2D-hasTilemapChanges to check if any processing is required.

  • Unity 2020.1에서 새 프로퍼티 추가됨
  • 2017.2에서 타일맵 추가됨NewIn20172
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