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Diagnose network issues

Use the Unity Package Manager Diagnostics tool to help diagnose common network issues associated with Unity Package Manager. The Diagnostics tool runs some basic network tests and creates files that the Unity support team needs to diagnose common network problems. After you run the tool, you can share the results with the Unity support team who can better guide you in resolving those issues.

To diagnose network issues:

  1. Run the Unity Package Manager Diagnostics tool by using either the Unity Package Manager Error dialog or by Manually running the script.

  2. View the test results in the shell window. The tool output also lists the location of the upm-diagnostic-report.txt report and the upm-diag.log file that it created.

  3. If you need help from the Unity support team, include upm-diagnostic-report.txt and upm-diag.log when you submit a bug.

Method 1: Use the Unity Package Manager Error dialog

Unity が起動しようとすると、プロジェクトをロードする前にパッケージマネージャー処理を開始します。Package Manager で重大なエラーが発生すると、Unity は以下のエラーメッセージを表示します。


To run the Diagnostics tool, click Diagnose. Unity closes and launches the Diagnostics tool in a new window.

Method 2: Manually run the script

Locate the RunUnityPackageManagerDiagnostics script in the Diagnostics folder within the installation folder for your Unity Editor:

オペレーティングシステム Path to Diagnostics command line tool:
Windows <path-to-unity-installation-folder>

To launch the tool, either:

  • Run the script file from the command line.
  • Double-click the script file in your file browser. Note: On macOS, you must right-click and select Show Package Contents to access the contents of

Sample output

シェルウィンドウのツールの上部にある Diagnostics (診断) レポート
シェルウィンドウのツールの上部にある Diagnostics (診断) レポート


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