Version: 2021.3
Asset Store パッケージのフィルター
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You can use the search box at the top of the Package Manager window to find any packages or feature sets that match the text you enter. The Package Manager updates the list as you enter text, displaying every package or feature set within the current context that matches. For example, if you enter web in the search box, the list displays different results depending on whether you choose the Built-in packages list context or the Unity Registry list context:

Search for specific text
Search for specific text

You can look for a package or a feature set by its name (ID) or its display name. You can search for either the display name as it appears in the Package Manager window or, for Unity packages and feature sets, the registered package name that begins with com.unity.

Your search text could match the beginning, middle, or end of the name. The Package Manager updates the list dynamically.

Note: You can search for either Unity packages and feature sets or Asset Store packages. The list context you choose defines where the Package Manager searches:

リストコンテキスト Package Manager が検索する範囲
Unity Registry The list of packages and feature sets on the Unity registry
My Registries プロジェクトのために定義されたすべての スコープ付きレジストリ
In Project パッケージキャッシュと、現在のプロジェクト下にある Packages フォルダー
My Assets Unity アカウントで利用可能な Asset Store パッケージ のリスト
Built-in packages Unity レジストリにある ビルトイン パッケージのリスト

Asset Store パッケージのフィルター
Adding and removing
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